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Feel Like Your Busy Hong-Kong Life Has Taken A Toll On Your Health & Fitness?

  •  Join an inspirational community of 250+  professional women who are just like you!
  • ​Learn from their journeys and how they have prioritised their wellbeing in this busy city.

Struggling to create a consistent routine with your exercise??

  •  Benefit from our tailored schedule with the five major training modalities perfectly covered throughout the week.
  • ​All the workout design and planning is done for you - simply turn up!

Tired of feeling like “just another number” in a large commercial gym???

  •  Feel welcomed, encouraged, supported and challenged by a team who are dedicated to serving you as family.
  • ​Every training experience is fun and social - surrounded by women who want you to live your best life!

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Absolutely Any Woman Can Train With Us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Exactly Is Included In My 21 Day Challenge?
- 21 Days Of Unlimited Access To Pherform Sessions
- 21 Day Training Diary
- Educational Content Delivered Straight To Your Inbox
- 1:1 Strategy Consultation

Q: What Is The Rebate Offer For 21 Day Challenge?
Upon successfully completing a minimum of 11 sessions and the 21 fun challenges - you will receive a HK$2100 rebate to be used at Pherform for private coaching, merchandise, education programs, or even discounted membership. The choice is yours!

Q: What Do I Need To Do In Order To Be Eligible For The Rebate?
That's simple! There are two key areas required for participants to get a full rebate.
1. You must complete a minimum of 11 sessions within the 21 days to be eligible for the rebate.
2. Complete the 21 Fun Fitness Challenges. These are really simple challenges that anyone can complete.

Q: Do I Have To Start Straight Away?
No, you can secure your spot with payment now, and commence your program at some point in the near future. Payment of your 21 Day Challenge secures your program.

Q: Why Are There Limited Numbers?
Because we have a thriving community with a dedicated member base. We can only offer a very small quota every month so we never encounter issues of saturation.

Q: What If I've Never Lifted Weights Before?
Then you are a great candidate! We have never had anyone who is "too" inexperienced. The value of our training system and elite coaches is we are experts in taking you from 0-100. We spend a lot of time and energy into understanding your unique needs and circumstances, so that we can scale each session perfectly to you.

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